ZOE 365

365 ONE: day 23 video upload

I had a break in rehearsal so went into a corner, by the elevator to lie down and then decided to turn it into my video upload and see what happens. It turned into me noticing how loud everyone around me was and as a result, I got irritated…



365 ONE: day 22 video upload…crazy dance!

I had already danced to my song in the bathroom at The Player’s Club and so had a few minutes before rehearsal started upstairs and decided to go crazy to “silent music” on the bathroom stall door….What??? I am cuckoo for coco puffs!


365 ONE: day 21 “totally, like, yeah, whatever”

I took on one of my favourite characters today and did an improvised video blog upload like that on the Real World or Big Brother or one of those reality shows. I thought this character would be fantastic on a reality show…I might have to do it someday 🙂


365 ONE: day 20 video upload

I had rehearsal and then let go early, so walked to the elevator and put on my ipod and this happened…



365 ONE: day 19 video upload…where’s the rat??

I was standing on the subway platform waiting for the subway to go back to the office from a client meeting and decided to just turn on the ipod to video something – so here is a little bit of a NYC subway platform experience….



365 ONE: day 18 video upload…early morning

There was no milk left in the house we eat meals at so I traipsed over to the main house as there was some milk left in there to have my granola this morning before rehearsal….and it was just so lonely down there so I turned on the ipod and recorded me, eating, alone…



Where is everybody?? Guys?? Guys??

365 ONE: day 17 video upload…softly singing…

I was out back, behind the rehearsal space, Mike was playing on the piano until everyone came back from lunch, and I turned on the ipod, looking out of the window and softly sang….