ZOE 365

365 ONE: day 83 video upload…one one thousand, two one thousand…

Making me some popcorn with the good ol’ fashioned popcorn counting to get it just right….



365 ONE: day 82 video upload…LARGE food

Buying in bulk makes our kitchen look tiny with all the giant-sized food around…or just fat!


365 ONE: day 81 video upload…moving on up!

Moving Day!! They took away the desks so….




365 ONE: day 80 video upload…a little Adele parody

Packing packing packing day at the office inspired a little song parody…




365 ONE: day 79 video upload…from 22nd Floor

Had to do a walk-through of an apartment where a tenant left since another tenant moves in Thursday, so decided to show you the view…




365 ONE: day 78 video upload…practice Green Card game!

I found some playing cards called “The Conversation Cards” at home and used them to pose practice questions for my Green Card interview today about Stuart and how well I know him…



365 ONE: day video upload…Scrabble Style!

I saw on the bookshelf we have a scrabble dictionary so decided to do a Scrabble Story…