ZOE 365

365 ONE: day 52 video upload…in the rain

Walking home, in the rain, wet with my umbrella, and was inspired to wing it with some tunes…



365 ONE: day 51 video upload…from BHS

I had expense work at BHS tonight that I do every few months for a real estate broker and it was looooooong as had a lot of work. The office was empty, or not quite, but they were over a little ways, so did my sneaky video in the section I thought no one was in and went a little crazy….hope no one was watching…




365 ONE: day 50 video upload….fashion disaster!

The video explains it all! I clearly was not looking at what I was putting on this morning….


365 ONE: day 49 video upload…Mouthwash Commercial

ACT Mouthwash = check

Camera = check

And rolling….


365 ONE: day 48 video upload…asleep

I am indeed a bad sleeper but this character “thinks” she doesn’t sleep but sleeps constantly…



365 ONE: day 47 video upload…type-errific!

I wanted to capture the sound of typing at the office, on my laptop, day in, day out….




365 ONE: day 46 video upload…Gummy Bears!

“Gummy Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere”…. Remember that song and Gummy Bears show???




365 ONE: day 45 video upload…as Dr. Johnson

I had the first NYU mock trial later on today as one of my roles this year, so since I was doing some errands I decided to be in that character and go with it, and there were noises on our floor and in our office when I got out of the elevator…


365 ONE: day 44 video upload…therapy in session

I was lying down on the couch and just went with it and used it into a character struggling with something personal but clearly can’t face her problems…


365 ONE: day 43 video upload with Ellie the Elephant!

Madalina, a cousin of a good friend of mine is staying with us, as our subletter in our spare room and I saw that she had an Elephant hand puppet so decided to go with it…